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    The previous thread was closed, and I am sure this will be as well, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents. It is flat out ridiculous that we are not allowed to crosspost information from ************. You say its a "different version" of wartune than on R2. Really? How so? As far as I can tell every event and patch has been identical. They often post information well in advance of R2, and in the last 6 months I have yet to notice a SINGLE difference. Also, seeing as how R2, kabam, kong, armor, wartune all fight each other in cross-server arenas, that means its the SAME VERSION. Where this policy SHOULD be applicable to is posting information from different versions such as the chinese version, german version etc. Some features have not come in, or come in different order from China, and the german version often has completely different events. Show me any subtantive differences between the R2 version and the ************ version before just blanket closing threads. Or better yet, get R2 to actually post information about their patches. Completely ridiculous to find all the patch notes on numerous different sites before R2.

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    11. While we do appreciate player's enthusiasm for our games, and their eagerness to get things out to the players, what might be the case in the other versions of our games that exist, may not be the case in ours, and posting information from those games can result in false expectations of our version of the game. As such, information on other versions of our games is not to be posted in the forums and will be removed when found.
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