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  • Class wars

    Have you saw anything about class wars only in ranking below mount strenght rankings Sorceror Warlord Eagle Eye and nothing more to find about the class wars.Any ideas when it will start and there was supose to be glory shop from where you buy stuff with the glory crystals you earn from class wars.

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    Well as it is a monthly contest, I would assume that it will start on the 1st of each month. Could be wrong about that though LOL

    It would be nice if we could get some info on what it entails before they actually launch it though


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      I was thinking the same billy about starting from 1-30 each month but they could release it on part 2 at the begining of the next month if that was the case.But yeah more info on that will be nice for them to post.


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        I kinda assumed the opposite, it would be held at the end of each month? This way server that wins gets bonus for the following month?


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          And we are at the half of the month they shoudnt put it if it would go straight away IMO.


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            I'm more curious as to what the bonus for the server is...

            Our knight... I'd consider him #5 of all Oceanic Servers on all platforms... If #1/2/3/4 compete against each other and knock each other out, or, some don't compete, or, our knight builds himself up to beat another knight, he could take Top 3.
            So what's the server blessing? Bonus XP?