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1.6 patch...really?

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  • 1.6 patch...really?

    Look most of what 1.6 brought seems cool, will see for sure later.

    That said, our server goes offline for maintenance 1 hour before Guild Battle and is down throughout the GB...ok it happens... then log in today see we LOST GB by default because they had 100 more total BR then we did even though we were going to crush them (they have 30 more members and their strongest is weaker then our 5th strongest) and there is no more downtime compensation? So before when servers go down we can get something back from it, daru/gold/insigs/honor and exp scrolls etc.... This time we lose a GB we should've won (costing me 1000 honor and insigs and 10 whips plus the final ranking rewards for dropping from 2nd at the end of the week to 5th) and get nothing?

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    There *is* downtime compensation. Seems like you just haven't found it yet.


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      There used to be a button below the mail icon that you could enter codes or redeem rewards...that is gone


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        There is, however, a button called Hot Events.