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change the runes back to the way they was

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  • change the runes back to the way they was

    since you all have changed the runes to where you have to learn them you have destroyed the game in my eyes and a few others as well and as the only way you can get them now is by the tank battles and mystery shop I am debating bout quiting the game and spending my money elsewhere I think that the times that are picked for the battles suck most ppl here in the states are at work during most of the main battle's that ppl need done they should be done morning and night

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    simple do what i do play in another timezone im gmt and play us servers that way the times fit my free time better


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      I work 18 hr days on a dairy farm also the way they have the runes now sucks *** I have spent thousands of dollars on this game no joke and this is what everyone gets they are now ruining the game not only in my eyes but other ppl's eyes as well


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        It's not happening.
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          Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
          It's not happening.
          Quoted for truth