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Patch 1.6 feedback/problems

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  • Patch 1.6 feedback/problems

    Patch 1.6 has arrived.
    I have to admit I haven't yet tried all the new features, but already se some dificultis and thing that would need to be fixed!

    Am a non Chasher and am at the moment playing a mage lvl 48.

    Please don't write here something like "I would like.... better Astrals, Crypt keys, Socketing Rods..." and stuff like that. Try writing about Problems and stuff that you like/dislike and WHY. Maybe some Ideas for changing what you dislike, but with reason! Not like Crypt Key for 5 Vouchers! Maybe for 1000 Vouchers.

    To be short (I hope).....

    General problems:
    - Bulhorns!!! You need 1 per day for youre Devotion... but now can't get it anywhere else then Altar spins (witch is considered very low reward for Shop Items). Also you need Bulhorns to invite ppl to Dungeon in World Chat.... now how can I do that? Make at least "Hot event" to get them when youre devotion hits some point, until you fix it for real!
    - At Altar spin it still says Rune where now Crops are
    - Please update that Countdown timer on top of the game. Half events are not even showing since you updated to 1.5 Patch. And that is some time ago!
    - Hot events times are strange!!! (6Month10Daily - 6Month14Daily)

    - TANKS (just don't know where they fit in the middle age fantasy game)
    - Class wars sound awsome (but didn't try/find them yet)
    - That Guild chat is perminately dissattacherd from Chat (now if I could only get those System messages to turn off)
    - That I can get high lvl Crops in Altar spins (but not instead of Runes!)
    - The new BG system (well like and disslike!)
    - You get some more useful stuff from Duels (but harder to get potions)

    - Runes
    I can use only 1 Rage rune in Spire now??? And first I need to get it somewhere? For a healer mage you need a lot more then 1 Rage rune to heal good in Spire or also in some MP Dungeons!!! Also have like 200 old Runes that I could use before.. but was saving them Is it really that you can get it just with Tanks. That's not good.
    - Time of when Tank are
    You should put more times for that (like you did for Battle Grounds in 1.5 Patch). It's OK if you can enter only once to that, but should be for all pll.. not only for those who have time in the evenings! Would recommend 1 before 1st BG and 1 after 1st WB (when Arena starts) and 1 after 2nd WB when there are no events
    - What can I buy now for Vouchers???
    Even less useful items then Runes (morph Cards)in Shop. If there is one things I dislike in this game, it would have to be I have no use of Shop since I got it! Put at least Potions for Vouchers, Rose, Luck stone, HP potion,....
    - Replacing Rune with seeds in Altar
    Would be great to get somewhere old runes so we could upgrade new ones a bit. Would be better that you would replace those Exp books wit something!
    - VIP wheel spams World chat now?
    Really? Don't we have enought System messages as it is? Where can I turn them OFF????? when in Guild Battle or in Battlegrounds I would like to see just Party and Current chat. No Guild or World... and especialy not System Spam that someone has won 500k Gold... or that they had revived my crops.
    - Spire in Devotion
    Really??? Then until lvl. 30 you can't do 95 devotion!!! because you can't enter BG... and that are 2 things you can't do in a day... and no 95 Devotion
    - Finnishing quests
    If you like to grow it's good that you just clik on a Green quest that you finnished and you get reward. Also you click on "not done" quest and it takes you right to it. I don't want EXP... so I have to really watch out if I'm moving somewhere to the right, so I don't click a done Quest. Quest Tasking should stay closed if i reset Browser!!!

    Hope That Was Short Enought To Read ALL

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    Good feedback. Covered many things.
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      well said... not that too much happy...
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        Damn, why are you saying all the right things! D:

        Now I can't be sarcastic... -_-

        Spire in Devotion isn't actually bad, since people can reach level 30 in a day or two.
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          Can people stop with the whole "tank doesn't fit in the fantasy game" ****. Who cares. Seriously getting annoying now. To me it just sounds people find someone with wrong about anything just so they have a reason to bash R2.


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            you no longer need horns to speak in world chat i think its 10 times free each day


            you have won 500k from guild wheel any one for dinner