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Tank Trials - Anyone worked out the points system?

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  • Tank Trials - Anyone worked out the points system?

    As title says ^^

    Anyone figured it out yet?

    Getting kill - More points
    Dealing damage = Points

    I also noticed using Acid shot power up, I was gaining points rapidly, as well as a team mate... Then he moved to laser and gained points rapidly too.

    From my experience so far...

    Napalm sucks. Very little point gain when I was using it.

    My first encounter of tank trials I tried going for boss. Got 2.5k points, second I used Acid for the last half, got up to 4.5k.
    So uh, seems to me hitting boss ain't that great o.o

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    Boss is worth killing only for the weapon it drops. You can spam it every second with awesome damage and you lose it only after you die (it drops alot of them but only 1 person will get it)


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      So thats what boss drops a weapon.


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        its thundera from the mage skills and not just one person gets it most of my team had it aoe from above


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          So does anyone know what the Tank Tech. points are for? And how are they added in to the point system? From what i can tell.. there just used to get new tanks faster then getting them through leveling tanks but do they have another purpose?