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Solo arena rewards.

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  • Solo arena rewards.

    Remove them or boost the amount x10.

    I mean ***, we only had arena to get some free potions like defence and health and now there is only 1 spot by default for potions,
    and as a mage class the only potion i ever seen was power one and troop... which i never managed to pick it lol.

    and the other choises ? 2k daru/gold and 5 vouchers.... LMAO......
    oh forgot there is also a lvl 2 luck stone and a rose which it takes up the potion spot if listed instead... LOL...

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    11 roses, 4 vip tokens, I've gotten 3 lvl 4 intel pots, I'm not complaining about the prizes. Maybe top 10 get better rewards?


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      Yeah i very offten see lvl 4pots almost every time 11roses too got few of them 4vip tokens sometimes is 2 but you see the point.For me they are always on the last card before suffle dunno if its like that for you alteast the pots and the roses the tokens places varies.


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        Arena Reward is same no matter what your Rank is...

        I was 50, than went to 12, than back down to 50 (the reward is the same, no difference)

        Well, I only complain on the Daru part, because I use to get a lot of 15/20k from solo arena, but now it only give me 5/8k...

        I have 70 of each level 3 pot (I rarely use them, lol, only use power in WB, the rest in GB (against "show-ups", don't use on "no-shows")


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          If the rewards are too low for you, don't do arena. It's meant for those who have the will and the time. You can do almost everything you need in about 3 hours daily, but people who want to play more than that need something that takes more time.

          Duels were (and still are) a great source of vouchers, daru, vip tokens and almost everything - sometimes more useful stuff than you get even in the 20k guild blessings. As these duels can take some time, usually those more devoted to the game do them all. So probably someone calculated that those people might be getting too much in comparison with those who do just 5 or none at all.

          Compare these to the arena duels - People did those for an average of 10 insignias, which is an even lesser reward than the duels.

          It is up to you - the game is perfectly fair in the way that everyone can do the same thing.


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            Permanent Or Temporary? That is the question.

            About getting roses in Solo Arena Duels, is that meant to be for all eternity or is it only for a short limited time frame?

            Because if it was permanent, you have more chances of getting roses than just 1 rose per day due to 80 devotion.
            Plus, you can't always get them from Solo Campaigns as you would like either.
            Also, with getting 11 roses, you have just saved yourself 11 days of doing 80 devotion and getting just 1 rose per day.
            The best one is that if you are lucky enough to collect even 99 roses from Solo Arena Duels, you have saved yourself from saving up 1K Balens if so desired from "Get Free Balens", using it to buy a Rose Bouquet with signature attached for $10 USD.

            Just think about it, do you feel like you agree the same way as I see it about getting the roses in Solo Arena Duels?


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              guys for vouchers you need 600 daily in order to do proper WB, with getting 5 from arena only even if you do all 20 its 100 at the best possible senario when you click correct 20 times... unless you are lucky enough to get a 400 from blessing, and even so you still missing few to make max use on WB.

              daru/gold is useless 3 to 5k ....
              only roses as some1 said its kind of usefull but then again you need to be lucky.

              the only good reward on arena was defence potion for me and now that im out of em i see how different is the game without, and the only potion i ever seen in arena so far after update is lvl3 power/troop and im a mage....


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                -600 for the wb, okay, but on average:
                +250 from the tree
                +60 from the spire
                +80 from the blessing
                +30 from arena
                +checkin rewards
                = 420 + checkins

                Which is fine by me since I can't be there on every WB.

                Daru/gold - how is it exactly worse than roses? It can be traded directly for BR while roses have no effect on BR whatsoever except in mp dungeons (which isn't as useful).

                I still have 280 lvl 3 and 2 def pots and I am getting more. Perhaps someone saw that people potted up too often and decided the game needed more raw power, less pots.