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    hey guys have had an idea and am wondering if anyone is interested in it,
    the idea is for r2 to make a scroll for astrals in the shop which gives an increased chance of receiving higher end astrals (orange and red), which also are correct for your player(MATK for mages etc)

    hit me back if you are interested add a line if there is enough r2 will consider releasing the scroll
    so please tell me is it a good idea , bad idea or needs a bit of work all opinions are greatfully received

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    astral is good now. No need everything to be money
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      No chance astrals should work and its not hard you still need to lvl you astrals to lvl 8+ and before you have do it in like 6-7 astros you have for sure some red astrals and yellow.

      + should be to easy for them bigest spenders get red astrals some give +500 exp if man have scroll to get higre end astrals just be harder to kill them bigest spenders.

      Was a good ide before wen am was bigre spenders, but i have must close stop to consume mony to this game.
      Becouse of my server is to dead no fun play and its to mutch P2W alredy some its now.

      And now have them remove the old runes just to make coppel of billions dollars again for lvl it. like $100 for one rune.
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