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World Boss separated into classes

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  • World Boss separated into classes

    Instead of having everyone fighting the same WB, how about sorting it into classes just like class war. That way instead of archers taking most of the top 10 spots, and there by getting most of the gold and dura, each class will have a their own. which will help all the classes in getting dura and gold they need.

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    Been suggested many times before.

    The answer is likely to be no, as splitting up into classes will give everyone MORE gold and daru. This is clearly what R2 doesn't want.
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      i agree.. especially with the upoming merges.. i mean 2 more servers are gonna merge with ours.. the boss is gonna be dying in like 10 mins if not faster.. and again only the top cashers will remain a good amount of money.. the lower levels are not gonna make any money again.... so splitting it up in level caps or classes would be 1 way so make things abit more liveable.


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        If WB is split up among the 3 classes, then the boss need to have lower hp due to what Condor pointed out. I personally don't think archers dominating WB is a big issue though. Archers have had the advantage in WB for a long time now but they don't exactly dominate the other 2 classes. It might be because they need to spend on 2 astrals for crit as opposed to 1 for EWD.


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          This would actually be pretty interesting, LOL.


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            So what next will be separate battle ground to classes cause mages dominate somuch there

            Do you even know how long mage vs mage fight can last

            And knight vs knight also can last long long time

            Only archer vs archer never last fast cause they are all build to be damage dealers