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Need help with free balens

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  • Need help with free balens

    Free balens tasks are not supported in my country, i mean, they are but i can get maybe 2-3 balens a day which is rly low, for example at free tasks i have only 1 offer and when i use proxy server i have 99 pages. Question, is there any possibility to skip my country ip, i tried with proxy servers but i can't open tasks properly and it's usseless, any ideas? I can't afford to pay balens so this is only way i can get it.

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    no, 90% of all offers in Free Balen are made for USA players.

    So yes, you can only do offers using Proxy or just stay with your 10~50 balens a day.

    That's why the Free Offer sucks... especially when many offers don't even work in the first place, they also have a region restriction on them.

    There is however (not sure if still working) another 3rd party "reward site" (I forgot name) that also lets you do Offers and such for Points that you can than use to trade for Ultimate Game Card.

    I am unsure if UGC still works for wartune or not, because I have yet to find the button (in-game and website) for UGC -> Balen.
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