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Low quality suggestion

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  • Low quality suggestion

    A lot of players in this game have lag issues, myself included, I am suggesting that you guys add quality options to the settings as well as turning off all extraneous RAM gobblers such as the screen shake upon crits and what not. I'm not suggesting we take it completely out of the game what my suggestion is, is that you can turn these things off in the settings it will help the game move a lot smoother for the laggers such as myself.

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    you can already remove/reduce several settings within the in game options panel.

    You can turn off: The music, the sound effects, environmental effects & skill effects.
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      Still not enough, Game still lags. Be nice if we could lower the quality further like almost every other flash game.


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        Let's just change it to a text-based game like this one (google
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          Can we? Please!!


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            main reasons of lag is most of the time the servers cant handle too many players, thats why lag is maximum at wb and battle ground, and internet speed
            as far as the setting goes it contributes less since you download all the sound files and effects at the beginning of the game<very annoying>
            ram doent contribute much <unless your computer has 300MB ram > cause its 2d and takes about 110MB + 55MB for browser


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              Guild Battle

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