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Refined Gift Pack Ideas

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  • Refined Gift Pack Ideas

    I ran the last idea bye the wartune forums and the complaints were it was too much and too expensive so I refined the gift packs so everybody could use them. For Veteran's pack, it would cost $1000.00 and give 150,000 balens. It would include: 1. 10M Gold 2. 2M Daru 3. 1 31-Day VIP 4. 1 31-Day Spirit Covenant 5. 10 Enhanced Bounty Scrolls 6. 100 Mount Training Whips 7. 8 Lv. 3-5 Gem Packs 8. 100 Soul Crystals 9. 5 Lv. 9 Luck Stones and 10. 10 Medium Runestones. For Legends Packs, it would cost $3000.00 and give 600,000 balens. It would include 1. 50M Gold 2. 10M Daru 3. 3 31-Day VIP 4. 3 31-Day Spirit Covenant 5. 1 Radiant Rose 6. Underworld Steed Card 7. 500 Mount Training Whips 8. 32 Lv. 3-5 Gem Packs 9. 24 Socketing Rods 10. 500 Soul Crystals 11. 30 Enhanced Bounty Scrolls 12. 10 Double Honor Scrolls 13. 5 Fashion Cores 14. 25 Lv. 9 Luck Stones 15. 10 Large Runestones. Most people will start out bye purchasing the $3000.00 Legends pack and then purchase the $1000.00 Veteran's pack repeatedly afterwards. These two packs should increase sales so instead of making many small purchases they can just purchase one large one interimly. Given people have to have holds on their payments for many small purchases this decreases the amount of time to make purchases and increases sales considerably.

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    Much more refined, no instant everything for cashers.

    Veteran pack contains garbage though. I'd only be buying it for the extra 50k balens.