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    Hi all!
    I'm new in this game and i want to ask some questions
    What is lv max for a non cash member[vip]?
    If i make at critic status 100 points then i will take every time critic damage?
    At guild altar if i hit shop item i can receive any item from shop or just vouchers items?
    Sry for my bad english
    Ps if i make an account using facebook , can i change it to an email account?

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    Max lvl are same for all played, lvl 80. But it takes a long~~~ way to reach it considering you had talent that cost exp after lvl 50.
    Uhm... it's still debate about crit chance, the only thing that sure is, crit change on wordboss are more higher (well, Im not really understand on normal battle, non crit build after all)
    You can get the one from shop too ^^, socketing rod and crypt key are one of it (but a big no for wing, cloth, fashion shard, lucky charm)

    Yes you can do that. But already forget how to change into email account (forgetfullness)
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      Yes, there's no level restriction.

      However the max EXP bonus gain you can get is 50% and the amount gain is fixed
      (once you ran out of Stamina or Daily attempts, that's it, no more EXP can be gain for the entire day)

      Cashers on the other hand, is able to obtain more Stamina and up to 100% EXP bonus
      (so technically a Casher can gain EXP non-stop for the entire day)

      so Cashers can have 2~4 times faster level rate than non-cashers.

      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

      (from wiki)
      Crit Rate is counted as 1 point = 0.04%

      Recommanded Crit rate at above 60 is 4000 to constantly crit.

      Crit rate can be reduced by opposing player's Jewel Equipment and Astral (Guardian Angel)

      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

      Guild Alter Drops

      Crit Scroll
      Health Scroll
      Magic Attack Scroll
      Magic Defense Scroll
      Physical Attack Scroll
      Physical Defense Scroll
      Troop Count Scroll

      Lv.3 Ultimate Gold Seed
      Lv.3 Superior Gold Seed
      Lv.3 Gold Seed
      Lv.3 Ultimate Daru Seed
      Lv.3 Superior Daru Seed
      Lv.3 Daru Seed
      Lv.3 Elite Kyanite Seed
      Lv.3 Superior Kyanite Seed
      Lv.3 Kyanite Seed
      Lv.3 Elite Leveler's Seed
      Lv.3 Superior Leveler's Seed
      Lv.3 Leveler's Seed

      2,000 Daru
      5,000 Daru
      10,000 Daru
      20,000 Daru
      50,000 Daru

      Lv.1 EXP book
      Lv.2 EXP book
      Lv.3 EXP book

      Lv.1 Gem
      Lv.2 Gem
      Lv.3 Gem
      Lv.6 Luck Stone
      Lv.7 Luck Stone
      Lv.8 Luck Stone
      Lv.9 Luck Stone

      5,000 Gold
      10,000 Gold
      20,000 Gold
      50,000 Gold
      100,000 Gold

      Skeleton Key
      Bullhorn (small)
      Major HP Pack
      City Protection Token
      Soul Crystal x 5
      Shadow Crystal x 5
      Mount Training Whip

      Lv.1 Potion
      Lv.2 Potion
      Lv.3 Potion
      Lv.4 Potion
      Lv.5 Potion
      Major Stamina Potion
      Extreme Stamina Potion

      20 Voucher
      40 Voucher
      80 Voucher
      200 Voucher
      400 Voucher

      Rare Shop Item Drops (ones that isn't easily obtained)

      Socketing Rod
      Crypt Key
      Enhanced Bounty Scroll

      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

      Donno about FB > Email... I don't have FB.
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        oke thanks for all answers