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  • Just some questions.

    I wonder why R2,Armor and some other servers have 2 Catacomb attempts and Kabam dont? Why some servers have "free balens" options and Kabam don't?
    And don't tell me that R2 just give the permision to other hosting game sites to deal with that. Remember one thing. The game was developed by R2 so, when they agree to share the game , they should share the entire game , not parts of the scripts. You realize that this is just a few things from what i saw...also they have 6 multi-dungeons attempts while Kabam has 3.
    That`s why R2 have the advantage and level-up HS , Talents , Level so fast.
    I really wonder how many times they can join the Spire (but i guess is just one time from what i saw on the forum)
    Also , from what i`ve heard,some hosting R2 game , have trade system between players. This is just another ♥♥♥♥ . Why they do that? When you create a game, you create it for everyone .
    I really want some answers on this matter .
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    Free balens offers are provided by sponsors who pay the hosting site to display the offers in the hopes players will make purchases through the sponsors. They aren't exactly provided by R2, and are dependent on the site hosting the game. It's quite possible Kabam doesn't allow such advertising, or the sponsors just couldn't reach an agreement with them. It also might have to do with how Kabam's payment system works. Kongregate servers don't have the free balens offers either.

    None of the servers hosted by R2 have a trade system between players. I do know of a platform or two that do have trading, but they are run by different companies.

    R2's platform only has 3 multiplayer dungeon attempts, 1 catacomb attempt, 1 spire attempt, and so on. I'm not sure where you've seen that it's different.
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      Originally posted by R29228555 View Post
      The game was developed by R2 so, when they agree to share the game , they should share the entire game , not parts of the scripts.
      Nope, the game is developed by 7Road, the Chinese company. R2, Kabam, Kong, and all the other platforms that host it, all have individual contracts with 7Road on what they will release on their platform and what not.


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        Oh, i see. Thanks for the infos .
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