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  • Guild Blessing Spin

    Can you add the exp scroll lvl 1 (50%) and lvl 2 (100%) in EXP icon in guild blessing.

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    That would be cool. ^.^


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      probably some other too, but the xp book is a mean joke
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        Yea the xp should be scrolls. So it won't be unbalance and broken. Have the xp scrolls be mostly 50% scrolls. Like say 90% of the time you get a 50% scroll. Then a chance to get a 100% scroll. Much better than having those stupid books. If they keep the books at least give them in bundles and only lvl 3 books. Such as 5 lvl 3 books 10 lvl 3 books and finally 15 lvl 3 books. Then those books would actually be something nice since that is a good amount of xp.