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help with astrals

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  • help with astrals

    hey , i am lvl 57 knight and i have a dilema about astrals.
    i have red critical astral lvl4 + yellow enhanced determination lvl 4 (crit damage + 20%) and i was thinking of replacing this two astrals with enhanced will destroyer(disbale crit strike and increase regular damage).
    what is better? what makes more damage? i can make the will destroyer lvl 5 i guess if i will use the exp of the other please help me what should i choose to do more damage?

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    sniper's edge+deter are better for world bosses
    will destroyer is better for pvp
    dunno about dungeons

    What would you prefer to be better at?


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      My suggestion is to keep the 2 crit astrals and start building a will destroyer from scratch. Switch to crit for WB and EWD for everything else. It might seem expensive to lvl up EWD from scratch, but keeping crit for WB will be better in the long run. As a knight, you won't crit enough outside of WB/ward tower to make it more useful than EWD unless you have a high amount of crit. I tried to use my crit setup for pvp and dungeons to see how well it work. With a bit over 2k crit, I probably crit like 1/10 hits if even that many. It may just be bad luck so don't take what I said as the gospel truth.


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        ok got it , thx guys.