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What it take to become Crit Mage?.

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    lol all mdef to crit? then mages/archer will ** you not only archers.


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      I tried crit build for 1.5 month for my mage (before patch 1.6 and after it), I want to say the summary that I got :
      * Crit build for mage for PvP sick ! stupid rate for crit hits !
      * Crit for MD/SD is fair not so much and not bad at all.
      * Crit build for WB is Awesome, almost 80% is avg crit rate (sometimes I get 90-100% even basic hit was crit to thunderer and so) with almost 1.75x - 2.5x dmg even with low crit points (btw at least u need to use 50% buff) and mage can try race archers in top 10 list
      For WB in my Will Destroyer lvl 8 I get 90-110K avg gold, in crit build 120-140K gold if not even more with fully success combos.

      Note: I was 19K matk when tried crit build, atm i'm with 20K matk in non crit till I get red crit astral for wb.
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      Server: S19 - Desert Curses
      Class: Mage - level 80
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        Originally posted by symedia View Post
        lol all mdef to crit? then mages/archer will ** you not only archers.
        well, 18k mdef without gems, almost 16k pdef / good enough


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          Originally posted by gruntar View Post
          well, 18k mdef without gems, almost 16k pdef / good enough
          18k without gems lol ? yeap if you are 80k br yeap and 16k pdef also ...


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            I would refine for crit: because with 60 pve gear we get what? maybe 150 mdef with passive? and 120 pdef with passive. Replace with crit and we get about 120 crit each refine, remove gem: get 120 crit and lose 220+engraving bonus (and the 20% on that if its mdef) It is way better to refine for crit and dont change gems, cuz when refining you get 100% in stat back. When doing gem, you get 50% of the def from it.
            and @ wb you dont need crit build to be good at wb... i mostly end up at top 3, the only 2 archers that can beat me on a basis have 6/10k br then me (p.s: they are both in 60 set when im still in 50 aswell)
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              I would always run an EWD Mage over a Crit Mage for the following Reasons:
              • Reliability of knowing your damage is there, and not that you're relying on a crit to trigger.
              • 1 Stat & Gem Slot * 8 = as much as 3500 Extra MDef (Or PDef) on L60 Gear w/ L6 Gems.
              • 1 Astral (EWD) to takes the place of 2 Astrals (Crit & Deter) allows for another Astral (HP, Illusion, Block)

              I personally love running into Crit Mages in CW because I swap out my PDef for a L6 Guardian Angel (-30% Crit). If they Crit me twice per minute thats a lot.