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a question

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  • a question

    i just got access to the altar were you can get additional strength points and i stayed there for 1 hour and canceled but at the end even thou i have only one hour and 30 obtainable points left i still dont have a change in my strength points nither in my physical atack.
    is there a problem or do i just have a wrong idea of what should happen.

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    strength = stamina
    it is very confusing, but the strength points are actually stamina points.


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      ooooh thanks for explaining that to me. it really is confusing.


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        Is there anyway to do something to refill the strength. Mine has been low for 8 hours, & it is stopping me from collecting items in campaigns. "You will gain no rewards if you enter the campaign with inadequate strength." So how do I get adequate strength? I've looked through every token & refill & item. Frustrating as I can't do anything. It says it refills for half every 24 hours.
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          And, the only way to get Daru in the above instance of no stamina, needed to increase the level of the soldiers, is to plant seeds. So I bought seeds this morning, got home from work 6 hours later and they are dead. *sigh*. As someone else mentioned in another thread, if you want us to play this great game, give us things to let us play it. I'm already so frustrated that I'm wondering if it's worth the time. :/
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            Your friends can revive your plants you know. And they get farm exp for doing it so you're probably not playing with friends or just impatient.
            You can add someone and tell them to revive your plants. That's a win win situation.
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              As for Stamina/Strength. There are potions you can get from quests/Bonuses/Vip Wheel ( if ViP), and from Guild Altar. You can also stand in the Altar in your Town. 2 Minutes=1 Stamina. 2 hour max per day for a bonus 60 Stamina. As for the farm. Watch world chat. There is always people asking to be added for that purpose. Or just post something like.. * Add me for farm* and you will get tons of friend requests. If your plants are dead.. just wait. Someone will revive them. Always try to keep a full friends list just for that reason alone. Now the Dura... yea. That can get tedious. But you can also go to wilds ( no energy needed) And scan for Monsters ( which can drop Dura Orbs) and Treasure chests. These both provide constant Xp, Gold, Dura even with no Stamina. All be it.. a little slower. They gave you the * Tools to Play* as you stated. You just need to look for them.
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