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    hi, i m arché lvl 61and i dont know where i put my talen skill in my tree. my talen is now lvl 7 Scrutiny and reduce dmg -5% anyone can give me tip plz
    i m not sure if i up my stun hight or i take more talens

    Vodka thanks forr help
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    scrutiny sux..

    lvl 7 talent mean u can have 5 in holy seal and 2 others..

    i would suggest -5% and the one for lunatic fire

    after that lvl your holy seal to lvl 10 and put 1 in the -5% etc..

    1 for blood thirsty is helpfull for bg and later on iff u will get incedairy shot put 1 in that talent for the cooldown
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      hi, thanks for reply but i want to know why Scrutiny sux ? i can have more detail about it plz ? and 3% chance crit on lunatic fire is useful ? on my serveur i need holy seal lvl 15 not you ?

      Thanks for help =D


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        hi, someone know why scrutiny sux ? and what mean iff ? and only 1 pts in Blood thirsty is fine ?

        thanks answers