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Archer and Talents

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  • Archer and Talents

    Goodmorning all

    i am an archer lvl 56

    and i upgrade my
    holy seal to lvl 10
    and Stelth to lvl 1
    and i have one more talent point available

    what else does it worth to upgrade for an archer ???

  • #2
    scrutiny or fury
    Server: S250 - Willow Brook
    Character: Orchidia27
    Class: Archer


    • #3
      Originally posted by R219802426 View Post
      scrutiny or fury
      trigger rate on scrutiny is way to low.

      go for the fury talent
      • S69 - Corftey ravine
      • H4D3S
      • lvl 76 archer
      • 103k br


      • #4
        ok i upgrade fury !!

        anything else that is worth to upgrade ???
        and second

        when to get the next talent point and were to put it ??


        • #5
          i use 1 point in instinct. there isn't many way for an archer to get some HP
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          • #6
            Thanks for posting this question. I was wondering the same thing for my archer.


            • #7
              as i can read!! nothing is worth for an archer !!! thats sad


              • #8
                I have archer lvl 70 on server S50, i suggest u to level holy seal


                • #9
                  only holy seal ?? no other talent ???


                  • #10
                    use rhe talents for incedairy shot, lunatic fire, blood thirsty strike and the -5% and ofc holy seal

                    and how many u put in the skills u got to know for ur self
                    • S69 - Corftey ravine
                    • H4D3S
                    • lvl 76 archer
                    • 103k br


                    • #11
                      Stealth (5% damage decrease)
                      Fury ( luni fire CD)
                      Instinct (bloodthirsty % increase)

                      the above seem to be the standard for most archers,

                      when the time comes for running DT, Sams, LL.. you could look into purchasing Perception (IS CD)

                      when HS reaches 15 you could consider upping them to lvl 2, but the extra 2 second CD or 1% or 2% increases arent huge, maybe wait a while untill you have your HS at a much higher level before considering taking them to or beyond lvl 2.


                      • #12
                        ok guys thanks !!