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  • help me. I want to hear your opinion

    08-26-2013 07:05 am
    Customer Message:
    when i clicked log in bonus,
    event window was changed automatically.
    and i collect pig card.
    but i have pig already.
    pls change to pig card into beast mark
    Mon, Aug 26 2013 6:25am
    this is happened at sever time 03:43.
    Mon, Aug 26 2013 6:30am
    i bought many anniversary gift pack.
    for other mount. i did not want pig.
    u have to change system.
    same mount card is not useful.
    system have to ask. for players.

    Mon, Aug 26 2013 7:11am - R2 Alwyn
    Hello son dongkuk,
    Thank you for your recent inquiry. While we understand that it is a frustrating situation, unfortunately, we are unable to compensate, exchange, or correct an issue in which the player was at fault. Please be more careful in the future to avoid such issues. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered in regards to your concern. Thank you.
    ~ The R2Games Team

    Mon, Aug 26 2013 11:36am
    u always said that but korean server r diffrent.
    u have to fix that
    i will send ticket when this is fixed and i will propagate this situation
    why event window was changed automatically?
    always i used to be careful, but today i had mistaken.
    i had to be fun and happy, but why should I stress every time about these situation?
    my english is poor, so i cant say well
    I will ask a friend to help.
    then i will send again. see ya

    Mon, Aug 26 2013 11:39am - R2 Alwyn
    Hello son dongkuk,
    Dear player we already inform you we cannot compensate players mistakes , sorry for your lose but nothing can be done . Thanks for your patience and understanding.
    Thank you!
    The R2Games Team

    Mon, Aug 26 2013 11:48am
    i am not patience and understanding.
    that is not my mistakes.
    why always event window was changed automatically?
    why always event window was changed automatically?
    why always event window was changed automatically?
    why always event window was changed automatically?

    Mon, Aug 26 2013 11:51am - R2 Alwyn
    Hello son dongkuk,
    There will be no problem if you could have just click efficiently and not clicking it fast, as clicking it fast had caused this mistake.
    Thank you!
    The R2Games Team

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    I agree with r2games.


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      well nothing can be done 10aal =/ r2games dictates everything


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        Normally, I don't really like R2's responses to player problems but I have to side with them here. It doesn't matter if the windows changed automatically, you can still see what you clicked on so it's ultimately your fault. Now if you somehow click on the "check-in" button and it gives you a pig card, then that would be their fault.


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          In another game (a more Lordy Ringy type) I bought wrong gear for my toon, ticketed, and they switched me right out. THAT is customer service and why I play free here but sub there
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            Personally I think this is SHOCKING from R2.

            It would of been far quicker to just help this customer out and resolve it in one ticket and finish with a happpy customer then keep creating situations like this.

            Affterall, he does have a point too. The event page does just jump from one page to another for no reason.

            This is my 1st game on R2 games and I have been with different publishers for different games over the years and this is the first time I have seen a publisher not help their customers out. All the others have just changed the mistake and kept people happy. Its not like it costs them to rectify it ...its just pixels afterall. It undoubtedly costs them far more not to pay out because a) it creates more work for themselves having to answer multiple tickets instead of just the one b) makes unhappy customers who will effectively spend less c) creates these situations on the forums where people feel they must vent their frustrations and sowing seeds of doubt in other players minds.

            I honestly think anyone who sides with R2 on this are just being spiteful or unreasonable.
            Last edited by WelshLeo77; 08-27-2013, 06:42 AM.


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              Personally i dont think its R2's fault (this is my personal opinion.) if there were to do this for this person then everyone does a lot of things accidentally suddenly. and then they are expected to help everyone who 'Accidentally' does something.

              As forum mod I would tell you;
              Its too bad that you clicked on the pig card. Nothing can be done about this because this is a player error and not a system error.
              Please be more carefull next time when you are going to exchange something.

              To follow up on the switching away on the hot events tab.
              I will be sure to make a bug report about this, i have seen this happen before.. but never bothered reporting it properly.
              Sadly enough for you there is no way to prove it was this glitch that made it happen. You could try your luck by replying more to your ticket.
              But honestly, i dont think it will happen.


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                You are not the only one to make this mistake, buying wrong crypt gear, wrong class pvp gear etc... Only one time when less than 10 servers was released did they change(that I have heard of) with 300+ servers it is now a different situation, reimbursing mistakes from every server would take ages and they have more urgent problems (atleast I bloody hope so, I can name a dozen easly)


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                  Also, if someone already has a piggy mount and accidentally get another, then they are clearly not trying to scam the system. Its not even up for debate.


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                    Originally posted by WelshLeo77 View Post
                    I honestly think anyone who sides with R2 on this are just being spiteful or unreasonable.
                    How is it unreasonable? The PLAYER made the mistake, not R2. I'm not entirely sure what was going on with the windows switching over but he clicked on the pig card himself. I do believe that it's an honest mistake but that doesn't mean it's not his fault. Everyone makes mistakes and that was one of his. Sure it would be nice if R2 reimburse him for the loss but they are by no mean obligated to.


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                      Are you accident click to claim the Pig or somehow when you click Log in Bonus. It auto change to Mount claim? (which I think it might not possible).
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