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More stuff to do less people to do with, need merges please

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  • More stuff to do less people to do with, need merges please

    hello matt from s101 with s104, s89 and s86 here.
    You recently gave us some awesome updating including tower of kings and 1 mp attempts. Now i love this cus now once im done with mps i can help out my guildies, who are with me in the top guild on our server with the most people. But its hard to find teams for stuff due to lack of players. But ya my point, it takes me forever to do mps cus there is only a few people i can do lych nightmare with on the server, and tok nm there is only 4 people... you know how frustrating it is to think that oh 1 mp a day i can get done fast, but then be stuck all day waiting for all the people to be online at the same time. Common wartunes give us a much need and much deserved merge, we can do lych nm in under 30 mins, but dont have the numbers to rotate i people thru all day, so half the time we have to just deal with it and 3 man like samsara normal... which btw is possible with 3 archers. but ya, please give our server a merg, we need more people so we can fluently do these updates, also guild battle is a joke, so please r2 games, merge us or talk to the people who do them... they have to understand you can just give a big update and then laugh at us like hahahaha they wont have enough people to do this stuff with cus we wont merge them....

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    +1 Our guild leader said he supposedly got in touch with a G.M on another server and we would be merged within 3 weeks <come and gone>. Now I wonder if it was just a story to keep the people that were going to quit around.