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TOS Violations

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  • TOS Violations

    I recently received a notice of a violation in which I used an improper word to another player and was accused of harassment. Now let me give you some back story on this. I have been threatened I have been told that I should have intimate relation with my own daughter. I have been called numerous names which no one should ever be called. I have sent in report after report of these people and the screenshots of what they have said and the constant harassment by these people and yet nothing has been done to curtail their activity and they refuse to take any more tickets because of the numerous ones I have submitted and yet they have done nothing about. These people have used my real name on forums and have made up stories about me stalking them and yet they have posted my personal information in public and not the other way around.

    R2Games you need to stop treating people differently just because of the amount of money they spend on a game and treat all incidences equally.

    I can tell you that there are more violation on Glasshaven that you wish to acknowledge and in fact there are tons of these players using 2 or more accts that are interacting with each other which is again against the TOS and again not treated as such by your customer support.

    If a game moderator / support person that is will to see the evidence I will be most happy to supply you all the screen shots I have submitted and the numbers to which they correspond.

    But of course that is most likely not going to happen because the past has demonstrated that you choose to help people selectively.

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    Just an fyi I understand you are having problems but spamming the forum isn't going to get you help faster. If you're going post it on the forum just post it once in the support section. Spamming will just get your topics locked and create more problems for you.


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      Please refer to your previous thread as I have responded to it.
      There is no need to make duplicate threads regarding the same issue.
      The King doesn't fall so easily boys