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Level 75 Arena Clothing Set

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  • Level 75 Arena Clothing Set

    Hello Wartune. Just a suggestion for the game. How about a level 75 set of clothing for the arena. Since the Apollo set is for level 70, I was thinking the 75 set could possibly be called Andromeda set based on the fact it is the reversal of the sun and moon. I have no design for it but i am sure your art department can come up with something. Thank you for the great game. Keep up the good work. Elisandra, level 72 Knight. Guild master of Valor. Server S74 Darton Fortress.

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    There is no level 75 arena set. Neither will there be plans for it.

    If you're too lazy to farm for loids, then you can wait for it to be on sale.
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      It is just a suggestion i put out there.


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        Suggestion that have already been suggested by many people and always rejected. This will be rejected too, same as any future suggestion about it. People won't learn, they will still want it, but it will never be implemented. And they will always think like they were the first ones to think about this idea and post it here instead of searching it and finding out that they are slowpokes.


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          R2 seems to be the kind that only buys the rights from the chinese servers. So unless this set appears there we won't ever see it here