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Gifting vip and or balens possible?

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  • Gifting vip and or balens possible?

    Ok like the topic asks is it possible to gift a friend in game balens or vip account if so how?
    If not why not? I know there are a few of my guildies who i would gift a vip account to in short order if there was a way. When you have guildies who litteraly have 2300 vip tokens because in their country it is around 50 to 100 usd for a vip account yeh 7.99 aint much for a nice little treat because they are crazy helpful to me and others.

    So any ways if this is not possible right now can this maybe be added as a possibility? I even thought about paypal gifting of the funds but im unsure about what would happen eg would it still cost like a 100 usd to get them the vip do to conversion rates etc?

    Most people in other countries have little issue with languages other than their own nowadays so they select servers more based on their work etc scheduled than on language probs.

    At any rate figured i would toss the idea out there

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    Buy them a UGC.
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      Ultimate game card i assume. But where do you get it how much is it etc?


      • #4 << ****** explains how to do it.


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          Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post
 << ****** explains how to do it.
          Yeh thats a little iffy though i was thinking more along the lines of not needing any of their info bt char name and server This requires you have their account number