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  • Guild Wars in the Wild

    Currently, as I see it, the purpose of guilds is to help individual players become stronger through Guild Skills and such. We need a higher purpose for the guilds basically. First, I feel like the guild structure and system lacks the fundamental elements to make players cooperate with each other. Second, there is no feeling of "battle" competition between the guilds. Last but not least, the hierarchy within the guild members are only for the management of the guild. Those Officers, Asst. Guild Master, and Guild Master won't be able to gain the outmost respect and loyalty of their members through just "managing" the guild.

    This is what I propose for a better guild system and purpose.

    Let's start with the basics. The vulnerability that a player will lose more gold from plunders should increase as they level up. This will encourage players to plunder high level players if they feel like they have the ability to take them on. It will also prevent high level players from plundering low levels because of the low amount of gold they will earn from it.

    Before going on further about the "plunder" system. First of all, we need an "Diplomacy" system for the guilds. This should be where the guild can make an ally or declare war with another guild. It should also show the relationship between all the guilds in the server if they are either neutral, in war, or an ally. I'm not sure if it's better for only the Guild Master to have the absolute vote on which guild to declare war on or make an ally on. Or, make a voting system where the Officers, Asst. Guild Masters, and Guild Master votes on the guild's diplomatic relationship. This will also give some power to the Officers, Asst. Guild Masters, and Guild Master, which should encourage players to be open and loyal to the guild for promotion. In this case, a limit should be placed in the number of Officers and Asst. Guild Master in a guild depending on the guild level.

    To implement the plunder system to the guild system. Guild members should get an award for attacking other players that they are in war with. The best award will be more contribution points, so players will not likely attack other "neutral" players and very likely to attack players they are in war with because they will be contributing more guild points to the guild.

    By implementing the plunder system to guilds, players will really decide to choose a specific guild to be their "home", so they can get protection and help, and they won't have the likely intention of "guild-hopping". Today, I see scattered members of all the guild all over the Wild. The guilds, in this case, will be forced to choose a land in the Wild to be their area. This will be their "homeland", so guild members can just offer a helping hand to other guild members if they need help or protection.

    All of this things will help develop a higher purpose for the guild, making it more fun and making players cooperate with each other. Leaders will be recognized and commanders will truly shine. There are "bugs" to my system like ruining the game if most of the top guilds are allied to each other. But, here it is, I present to you a system that will make the game more enjoyable and interesting. If you choose to implement such system, you guys can make adjustment and correction if needed. Since most players will be turning 40's soon and 50's soon enough, I'm presenting this early to give you guys time to think about it and develop it before players hit level 50's where they will be going to the 50's-over land in the Wild. Surely, the most intense and glorious battle will be there. Think about this system please.
    Sounds awesome! Develop it and implement it!
    Not a good idea. Reject it.
    I'm not sure...
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    That is exatly what I was looking from this game, very interesting suggestions. This game is very interesting, but with that kind of system it would be fasinating


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      i can add to the sustem that a party of a guild (3 members) can plunder a city in party mode, just like hero partys, but now for plunder, this will cause mayor battles since been high level will no more been a protection


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        here my sugestions