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one more server merge needed

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    here is a scary thought, no more "designated servers"??? it would change the game drastically but it would also make it so you could PICK which server you are on, you can have a "last played on" button to return to your server but then when you want to change you can do it at any time, similar to how RS operates. it doesnt tie people to one spot and then when it is dead force them to PAY to move to a new server or spend money building their toon again. give it some thought it really isnt -that- bad of an idea.
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      hey im the one on 172 175 178 181 server merges and well i agree with dam merge!!!!im the GM of diabolic and the guild long time ago was the biggest guild on server!!!now is just death like other guilds!!!only few actives!!!and defn we need a urgente server merge and make this more active and more fun!!!!


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        My thoughts.

        - More active players, meaning easier to find teams for MPD's, arena, etc.
        - Competition. I view this as a pro; some might not.

        - Lag. We all know it, we all hate it. 12 servers packed in together? Hmm.
        - Quitters. Yes, we all know there'll be some of these. Maybe a few, maybe a lot.
        - Guild Battles. How many players will be unable to participate? Some of these #6, #7, #8 guilds would undoubtedly suffer and perhaps start to break apart.

        Okay, I'm biased towards the no merge argument, so I realise there might be many more arguments for (and against) the merge. I'm writing this post off the top of my head really, so don't take it as a full, comprehensive list of possible reasons for & against.
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          PLEASEEEEEEE make a merge on s330, im lv 60 and there are only 10-15 players , not all online, i need to play moon and no players to do it. pleaseeee
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            Originally posted by summarum View Post
            Iam playing on merged servers 184-187-190-193-197-213 and i agree that another server merge is needed.

            On those 6 merged servers at best days there is overall 60 players active in overall guilds.

            Basicaly people are putting alts in guild battles just to fill space.

            More and more people are stoping to play.

            To find group for mpd / tok / spire is sometimes harder then finding water in desert.

            I'm on the same server(s) and am not sure about all of the above.

            I agree that ToK/Spire is a pain to find people for, but that's primarily down to how the "you only get one attempt and cannot help others" works. People tend to stick to regular groups that they do these with, so there was the same difficulty finding teams very soon after they were brought into the game... so many a time even when there WERE lots of active players I would still end up just soloing them or inviting any low level players along for a free ride.

            The only MPD dungeons I found hard to find members for were for summoner parties, just because you have to find people who need the same legend stones as yourself and who have enough keys to join you. I ended up creating groups in my friends list and manually putting my friends into the relevant one - and then organising a party amongst them. Normal MPD parties were easy to sort out, with the only exception being if there was a special event starting at midnight and everyone wanted to save their daily attempt to get bonus event rewards. If anything this has got easier now that you only need to do one run instead of 3.

            The number of active players has definitely dropped, and whilst I cannot talk for any other guilds I know that our battleground participants list usually has between 40-45 "real" players, and the last 5-10 spots are given out to any alts - and there have still been times where most of those have been kicked out again so that some late arriving players can join in.

            The problem with merges is that whilst we add all the active players from those servers together, we are also throwing in all the inactive players too. We are already at the point where a guild can be almost in the top 8 purely from the combined BR of all the members who no longer play, so if we merge any smaller active guilds then have twice as many "dead but high BR" guilds to compete with before they get a space in the battlegrounds so they end up merging into the same "superguilds"



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              I see how many people are concern about lag - but now i have few question for you
              Didn't we had lag when server was new and there were many players on each side in GB
              And then it's seems to you right that some guilds can afford 40 players in GB when others can barely fill in 10 players

              So then we have to choose between fair teams and lag
              I don't think all players will join "superguilds" because if they do so there will be no free spot for them to play in GB


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                Im agree for merge 175 is dead you fiind very hard a team to make your Mp`s Arena Took Spire Etc.


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                  why doesn't R-2 just merge all the severs? the combined computational power of 300+ severs can handle the players, the lvl diversity will be as huge as the player diversity. this means more players can find more balanced bg's mp's and arena matches without the hassle of connecting to another server. the amount of competition would cause more people to cash, which makes a profit for R-2... see where I'm going with this?
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                    I'm for the merge it's very hard to find teams for mpds and arena and i'd like to see new guild win the GB lol


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                      on my server 295 our guild has 170 members only 20-25 active. why cant r2 delete players that are inactive for 45 days or 60 days from game. most of our high level players have either quit the game or moved to other server that are more active. and yes dominated by one super guild which makes gb boring and a waste of time.


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                        merge servers this is not funny anymore, no ppl to play, its very hard to do mpd tok and spire. merge s181 and s187