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  • unfair

    lately i try to plunder a city nearby me, then at battle i saw it was a knight we fight hard coz although he is 1 lvl higher than me he uses lvl 26 gryphon while i have only lvl 22 paladins, then our both army are all dead and after he have 5% hp left he uses a skill that reflect damage and my rage is free to cast for my final blow for skill deep freeze but i have only like 200 hp left after he cast reflect i have cast my deep freeze. and the final result he died with my final blow but i died on his reflect but how come i lose on the battle this should be draw right.

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    His Reflect damage takes effect before your attack? So you would have died first... or maybe since there is no draws... Your death = Failure. Whether you take him with you or not?
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      maybe there is not draw but i killed the knight 1st coz i hit him then he died but then i died to coz of his reflection. very funny


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        why am I banned? I din't do anything wrong.


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          Originally posted by Gerorin View Post
          why am I banned? I din't do anything wrong.
          Please create new threads or find an existing relevant thread for your issue in the future. To find out why you were banned, you must file a ticket at
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            Perhaps you are using Proxy, or VPN to login the game.