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New academy Upgrades

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  • New academy Upgrades

    We all notice around level 10-15 the academy doesn't benefit for having it leveled,so would be nice to have more upgrade like +10 crit,or +5crit and maybe .25 rage every time you level it
    or you know you can do the higher it is the lower the cost forr the upgrades,or lower waiting time ,or every 10 levels the effect+ doubles,so like you get 12 attck every time you level Mattk,after +9 it goes to +24 you know just an idea to help

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    it's not true it doesn't benefit. academy level still limits your max tech limit
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      Well to upgrade it past 20 would be that u are spending around 3k on a upgrade to +20 it ...which is still +12 Mattk lol


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        o.O Um... Raising Academy Limit raises max for each tech as Arakell said. So it always has a purpose. especially when that little extra is the difference between the next lvl of Cata or the Next advancement in arena
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