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Skill reset cost.

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  • Skill reset cost.

    I used to have arround 10k vouchers just to be able to reset skills when Class Wars were about to happen because I am not a VIP member or a casher to have double skill tree.
    Whith the new update and corverting vouchers to balens only i got arround 700 balens (which is cool and very generous), I was able to buy for first time gem scrolls.

    The thing is that some actions that I used to do with just a few vouchers I cant now. Because of that corvertion, I dont even have enough balens to reset skills once or to buy a permanent solution with the double skill tree.

    I believe that cashers and most if not all of them just bought once double skill tree and never actually reset their skills withs balen, or are in need to do and that option doesnt pay back server anymore.

    I dont have the anwser on how to fix this, but i think its better to either lower it at the cost of vouchers converted to balens or remove it and generously again give all players active 2nd tree ^^ jk.
    Just think of something please.

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    Bound balens may not give as much but they do drop pretty often. I usually get anywhere from 15-30 BBs a day from spire chests, guild blessings, solo arena, etc. It may be a long process but what I suggust to you is to take your time and save those BBs up. In a few weeks time buy yourself double skill tree and then you won't have any problems. Until then just make due with what you got or try to do offers for balens as well.


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      i am not satisfied bcz its too costly to reset skills and tallent with balens or bound balens before the new patch skill reset cost 895 vouchers and after the new patch voucher value dropped to bound balens with the 8:1 respectively so reset should cost about 112 bound balens with respect to given ratio in patch 2.1,
      i request to decrease the skill reset cost and talent also