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Feedback on new patch

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  • Feedback on new patch

    Wartune, is not fun for me anymore well its simply because its now being focuses on players who can play at later hafl of sever time. I use to do 2 bg,arena, 1WB, and Tanks before time shift.(1bg,arena.wb , tanks after time shift) , it was fine till then.

    BUT after this new patch >>>removal of bloogfang :>>wartune expects me to hunt for butterfies(iris) and shield(pan) for 2 hours after tanks, and i dont think thats fun under any circumstances. 1st WB is removed (1.5million gold/daru), Stand ins are removed, there is a dumb recovery system for 1/3rd of gold/daru i make for 35x5 balens,i, is not enough for guild spins...and no daru for enlightening troops and lvling them up.

    I just want to know why was bloodfang removed if there is no new event at that time. Just to kick players who play at first half out of the game.
    How are we suppose to get Gold/Daru.
    At least fix the recovery system. make it = gold/daru in previous WB.(Including Bonus) since we can recover only 1 time, only.

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    Sarcasm Intended

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    +1 to this...
    shift the time to previous
    on previous i could play 2 WB , BG's but after the time shift i cant play bcz daily routine works
    i cant fight even with 1 WB and my BG attempts also go without use so shift the time
    and bloodfang and give us double attack back...


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      bring back WB time ...most awesome news after patch
      +1 to r2/wartune for it
      i am back in the race
      Sarcasm Intended


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        -1 to r2 because I can't play wb at 11:30 and at 22:00. I am out of the race


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          you fuckt up the game why i tell you i work 06.00 till 16.30 worldboss 17.00 is beter bound balens is **** i got 1000 vouchers and get 200 balens now the boss gone on 16.00 that means zero boss fights no dare no gold no upgrade IS KEEP STAYING IN LOW LEVEL AND LOW BR FIX THIS AND REAL FAST


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            Or you lose a lot of people that give up high level gets high lower levels stays low people with no money stays low with br fix this fix all of this +fix events maybe for lower levels so we can have a chance to be strong