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  • Satisfying WB Needs

    From a player's perspective, you should limit wb to 2 and leave them at three or change to four in the game. That seems more fair than taking away the only wb that players like me have excepting weekends.

    My wife and I are both playing on a Pacific coast server, but we live in the Central Time Zone. Now you've taken away our only wb. Thanks a lot. We're hoping others join in and pressure you to bend like it seems you did to the Europeans.

    Since you don't offer server transfers, it looks like we'll be playing anything but a R2 game unless you change your mind.


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    Go back to the way it was. 3 bosses. Cutting out a WB is crazy. The only advantage is that people won't be online and the lag might finally improve.


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      On my server...people are already quitting. how about catering to the people who work for a living and unfortunately support these idiots. how hard of a concept is it really? I would really like to meet the person/group who makes these decisions...him/her/they are clearly bringing down the average IQ of the world we live in.


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        yea, taking away the only boss i can do will see me finding another game, sooner or later, if you feel that people are advancing to fast and you need to cut out the amount of times they can do World boss, then fine, but it would be better to let us have a choice of bosses to go to , rather than the way it is now, if you can do it with Tanks why not with bosses ?


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          the game without WB = 0 gold + 0 daru
          other WB at my region is (3:00 am)-{sleeping** and (9:00 am)-{at work**
          so Good bye Wartune


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            if you read the suggestion before ...


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              I'm going to give it a week and see. If the WBs don't come back, I'm gone. No threat R2, I've already registered and started my account at another place. I've heard R2 is greedy and doesn't listen, so I don't expect much.


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                Have to say that for a European server and having WB at 11-12 is bad decision making. I work and am not around PC's until i get home so this time doesnt suit. 22.00 only suits sometimes as im an early riser. So the 16.00 Wb was my only chance of getting some decent gold and daru.
                So basically this game is is only suitable for those who work in offices and have internet or those who are unemployed and have the time to play and attend.

                Come on R2, give some thought to your decisions before finalising them.