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Sylph Skilss

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  • Sylph Skilss

    Hi!!!Any1 knows on what lvl does Sylph unlock new skills? Ty ^_~

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    At 55 sylphs will unlock a passive skill
    pan- 35% chance to reduce damage by 10% each round
    iris-5% healing bonus
    apollo-10% chance to put 3% HP shield (????)
    No other skills are available yet, maybe in future updates.
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      tyvm ty : )


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        Pan has a nice passive


        • #5
          1.PAN gives Endurance as passive.. that's all.NO Def/etc. confirmed
          2.IRIS gives Mdef as passive... this what info says..
          but just noticed awhile ago IRIS gives Mdef as well as HP too .confirmed..!!! is this a bug or what?
          maybe typo bout info on passive of IRIS, it should say 3%Mdef and 3%endurance.


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            Iris gives 3% mdef AND 3% pdef as a passive. ALL sylphs add their HP to yours. Pan adds his hp PLUS 5% hp bonus.