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Wartune on internet explorer 11

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    Originally posted by R229414354 View Post
    Do you have any other browser on the computer?

    And if so if you log in with it does it still have a bar?

    Will tell us if it is a resolution problem or a browser problem. Also does you monitor have a a button to "search/reset" for proper resolution? Different on every monitor.

    Oh and if click the red up arrow on the event bar does the screen resize? or does it stay the same size?
    Other browser doesn't have this problem. Apparently only IE 11 does.. I guess it's time to give up on this and back to using chrome


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      You could try resetting Internet Explorer to its default settings or uninstall/reinstall it. Both of them could do the trick.
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        IE runs smoothly.. was surprised myself when an in-game friend recommended it months ago. i prefer to open my alt to run MPs helped by my main with it(IE).
        and i believe that scrollbar is a new addition from its recent update, and it sux, IKR! lol

        aside from the scrollbar, all is fine.

        * checking this thread from time to time *