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Mire Rune

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  • Mire Rune

    does anyone know where it drops?

  • #2
    I'm going to guess Market
    Player Class: Archer
    Battle Rating : 162k+

    ^ Manly purple!


    • #3
      in mystery shop i have 1
      Blade Hunter

      IGN: Hellboy
      Server: {S1 Frozen Meadow**
      Guild:Ubility gaming


      • #4
        For now only in the market,but probably it will be avaible in the shop soon(part of a pack or something)


        • #5
          meh, no "Packs"

          If there was, the other Runes Bags in Mystery Shop would have it LONG AGO...

          They do this so players waste bunch of balens to refresh Mystery Shop
          than spend even more balens to buy the Bags which only have a chance of getting what you want,
          and if you get duplicates, it's just vendor trash since rune exchange is gone now,
          than you have to spend even more balens to find the pack again and buy it again.

          Repeat until you spend 500+ USD to get one Rune.


          • #6
            can those who got one tell us what it does at lvl 10? (how many turns, uses, maybe even hits multiple enemys?)
            and how often did u refresh to get it? :P


            • #7
              i refresh fresh never see the yellow rune pack how many tries should man make per hours for have a chance to get it?

              Tryed 222 refresh in row was like Bongy halls quest and lvl 3-4 gems and some Gems scrolls and Mount Traning wisp in like every singel refresh noting to buy.

              its just sick.
              Character - Taggen
              Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
              Class - Archer
              Battle Rating -2.4M BR
              Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
              Highest CW ranking - 26th


              • #8
                i refreshed a lot too and never got anything (except of the things u mentioned). then one morning the ancient pack was there so dont give up and keep checking the market. in fact i saw the pack 3 times already on 3 different chars without refreshing.