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Change guild ranking system!!!

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  • Change guild ranking system!!!

    we would all like to know why the rankings are what they are..
    it is not fair that we can beat a no1 guild, time and time again but stay at no2 because of BR, when clearly we beat them all the time. so because two guilds merge and become no1 and we still beat them that is not fair as really they are not no1 guild they just have more players??? you guys really need to think about what you are doing here, alot of people are getting very annoyed with it all and soon if things don't change they will leave.Guild strength should mean guild strength, if a guild wins 3 GB battles through the week and beat a guild higher than them they should become that rank, even if it was a one-off and the weeks after they lose it again, it will give more people something to fight for and keep a guild stronger...


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    huh?rank in br doesnt matter,beat their rank in guild uppgrade then?rewards matter not rankink in br


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      I don't agree. Every city/country/teritory were always categorized due to their men strenght(guild strenght and wealth(guild level) . In my history courses when we were talking about a country that attacked us with an army 10 times stronger than ours but we still won, didn't heard to be known as stronger than that country because it failed to ocupy this country...again and again.
      The fact that you win all the time is admirable, and might be due to a higher quality leadership, but even so all I can do is to suggest a special title to be added for guilds. Yes to appear some sort of gold cup near the name of the guild that won in gb when you look at the rankings
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        Is like as S100 my guild i played in was Nr 1 allways another merg got more players become Nr 2 guild played in like Nr2 guild for long time before i leve for go to Nr 3 guild.

        Give me more challenges that just once a day all the top 3 guilds has like 100+ people Offline for very long them just keep them into the guild for get GB spot.
        When smaller guild have more activa people and should problie beat the other Top guilds.

        But its just a game should never joine a Nr 1 guild some keep be Nr 1 allways its just to borring when its no challenges.
        Character - Taggen
        Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
        Class - Archer
        Battle Rating -2.4M BR
        Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
        Highest CW ranking - 26th


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          i agree with op! if u win the weekly gb 3-0 then u should be number 1 guild
          having 200 ppl that cant fight n losing the battle doesnt make u number 1!
          number 1 guild is the guild that can fight n hold the rest off n still gain a 3-0