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Pointless !!!!!!!

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  • Pointless !!!!!!!

    Come on everyone and say yes to the following.....Why do we need to battle these pans and iris's around 50 times to get one sylth. Surely it would make more sense to limit the collection of these to either 60 or 120 per day without battling them and just run around and collect them. Talk about the most tedious and time consuming thing to do on wartune..SIGH!!! Some of us do live in the real world and havent got 16 hours a day to play this game, yet alone an hour to an hour and a half to fight bloody fairies just to collect 60 of them and find out its ANOTHER white one...Even bigger SIGH!!!!!
    Their are so many people on these forums moaning about all sorts of different things yet we hear nothing from any mod whatsoever to say this idea/issue/bug is being looked at.

    For once I personally would love to come onto the forums and see players saying well done R2 for fixing, ammending etc etc issues.

    Yours extremely tired and on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion due to collecting fairies

    Dilligaf S330

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    I agree. I saw a suggestion the other day for automatic collection of sylph essences, the way the altar of ennoblement works for stamina. It takes far too long, and is so tedious, to collect enough for one sylph.