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Level 8 Gem Transposer

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  • Level 8 Gem Transposer

    Do quests still give these? If so, how do you get to the quest that gives the level 8 transposer? Do you have to be a certain level?

    I am looking specifically for the physical attack level 8 gem transposer, but am curious as to the others as well.

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    Only 9 and 10 drop in Necropolis, * has to be bought with balens.
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      no quest gives level 6+ gem transposers

      level 6 to level 8 gem transposers can only be obtained through Balen from buying it in Cash Shop

      level 9 and 10 gem transposer can be dropped on level 10 and 15 Necro (catacomb, requires 3 crypt key per entry)

      But the rate is probably around 1%, since it's pretty rare, on my server, only 1 person obtain a lv.9 gem transposer (even tho there are 20+ ppls clearing level 10 daily)

      But... most ppls that can clear up to 10 and further... are mostly cashers that already brought transposers with money... so they don't even need it, LOL...

      Not to mention... if you want to Synthize your gems from level 5 to 9 directly... you need to save like 144 level 5 Gems...
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