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how about some maintance to fix these issues

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  • how about some maintance to fix these issues

    here is a suggestion .. how about a maintance as been a couple weeks since last one.

    things to fix in it
    1) lag
    2) GB bug where your guild and enemy guild both talk in party chat (think current chat but in the party chat)
    3) when you add a member to GB participant list they have to reload as list says they are not on it till they reload
    4) defeat someone in sylph atoll they black screen and need to reload
    5) pots and scrolls don't count for BR in rankings like they use to (pot, scroll, warriors call then log off and at ranking you have huge BR in hope of strongest title or top class title)
    6) since they bound balen drop amount was decreased to be like chinese servers how about the decrease in shop prices like theres

    yeah i know you won't do number 6 but we can all hope but atleast fix the 1st 5 on list
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    read 4... Gonna go and pvp in atoll now and see how mad they get!

    I agree with all actually. But I think rather than decreasing the price of items, they could just double or tripple(or whatever the difference between chinese and our prices are)


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      i wish they work fix these and number 3 has been fixed
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        7. A glitch in bg where you come out of a fight and your screen is centered somewhere outside of the bg. You cannot move your character at all and must refresh, sometimes a few times, before being able to see the bg and move your toon. In the meantime, you've lost several minutes of bg, and likely, your life.

        8. A buggy arena, where you are entirely unable to select any shots, and when the fight is over, you immediately hop into another battle, after which the screen freezes and you need to refresh. This happened to our team two day ago. I'm an archer, and in the second battle, when I was able to select shots, knight skills appeared above my toon's head.
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          R2:"people are cashing alot,no need to fix issues as long as these idiots keep cashing"