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  • Sort it out R2

    Dearest R2,

    I've made some suggestions but obviously it has fallen on deaf ears. As a result i will not be putting anymore money into this or any of your other games,neither will I be playing anymore.

    Wartune really need's to be sorted.

    The BR system versus leveling is a joke and brings in no equality to the game.

    Suggestion: Once a certain BR is reached that BR MUST be upgraded to a level that the BR fits. So damn easy, yet no feedback on forums from yourselves or a reply to the ticket I sent.
    This would bring in that word again. EQUALITY !!!!! A word that you seem to have no understanding of.

    Suggestion 2 : Get rid of the Sylths. This is destroying the game OR bring in a system that you can only collect so many Iris's & pan's per 24 hours. More equality in the game. See, there is that word again!!!

    The people who have time on their hands are the only one's that ever going to progress in this game. You need to limit these so that everyone has an equal chance.

    It really is not rocket science and the mind boggles at what you people do there in your comfortable office's.
    Do you have meetings? If so, do you all speak the same language, because I'm in serious doubt that you do.

    Anyhow's I could rant on forever here about load's of different subject's that are truly messed up in your game, but I have better thing's to do with my time, plus you will probably not even read this.

    I'd like to say it's been a pleasure but it hasn't. Well it was last year until you came up with such shocking managerial decisions this year and ruined what was a good game to play for most of us.

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    I dont know what you mean about BR vs lvling. I dont see any reason why a player cannot keep his lvl low to build strength. If that was to change then certainly HS has to change. I am lvl 68 and HS at this level caps at stupid high levels. My intention is to stay at 68 until I max out HS. I am currently 87k BR so I will be very high and very strong by the time that happens. I agree about the inequality but your suggestions border on stupid. Obviously people who play more or spend more should benefit - if they didnt who the *** would play. I agree about the sylphs and capturing essence. Those who spend all day collecting are a special brand of society drop kicks that should not be encouraged. What is needed is a fair way to advance sylphs from common to uncommon to rare to epic


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      Your suggestion will fall on deaf ears.

      R2 does not dictate how the game will evolve; 7Roads does.

      Sylphs are here to stay. In fact, there will more Sylphs being released soon.
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