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    Like guild boss I am interesting about names of memebers, participating in guild battle
    Last night for an example I was offline and I don't know how to distributa rewards, did our guild win battle or not.
    How I can view battle guild reports? Are they available?
    It is honest only participating members to receive rewards.
    Also it will be good to know whom to rely on.
    Anybody help?

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    If it's round 1 or 2, you would know if your guild won or lost by the next opponent you face. If it's the final, you would know by the final rewards you get.

    You can also know the top 10 in damage. This report is sent to you via in-game mail.

    There are no other battle reports beyond this.
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      You can always go to Guild > (Guild Battle) Open > Round 1, 2, 3, Rankings to see who won.
      As Condor said, you get the mail for top 10. For lesser guilds like mine this is more than enough. For bigger guilds the guildmaster needs to be more active (not easy, I know), so I think the only way to really know is to be there (well, or ask people 1 by 1, but that's silly).