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New idea! :O

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  • New idea! :O

    Hi all! And I hope you're reading this R2, you seriously gotta read this! Don't turn back! I see you turning back, don't you dare!!!

    Good, you're still here. So, new idea, yeah, I don't know if it's good or not, but it just came to me.

    One day when I was playing Wartune, the thought of the weddings from Crystal Saga came to me. The chapel, the rings, and - OMG - the outfits! Especially the outfits! They looked so amazing! So I thought "If it's successful on Crystal Saga, it could be just as successful on Wartune, right? I'm sure it will!"

    And now here I am, suggesting it. And here you are, reading it! So R2, if you do decide to expand the wedding idea to another game, I say bring it to Wartune! Give each class a different outfit, different hair styles, choice of decorations and fireworks and rings! Ppl will love it!!! Please, please please think this over!

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    Does wartune pay people to post "ideas" for the game when we all know it is already being put into the game. Just wondering cause this is like 3rd time I've seen someone post a suggestion/idea for game that was about to be released. Happened very recently with sylphs. We already knew we were getting them before someone posted it as a suggestion.


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      I want make a sugestion for the Wild every 2-3 hours make an invasion of monster around the MAP player search and find special items like purple items or LuckStone or prize like in fish hunt and 2-3 rare Powerfull Monster who need to make team like in MPD to kill them this will be better improvment and much more atention to the Wild not only Gold mine i say when finish all stamina and have lots of time we go hunting


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        It's already coming, ******'s blog did a write up on it recently.




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          wedding sucks tho... you need balens to buy it.

          And I don't see anywhere it says you can use bound balens... (cause the pics is that of a regular balen, bound balen have a lock on it)


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            idk i hate the way it "forces" you to pay for weddings. Reason why I say "force" is bc if you want to keep up with everyone else stat wise you need to get married. Other games that have those weddings. They are totally optional. Meaning if you don't get married you won't have any advantages over others. Maybe a few simple things like small stat boosts or something. However, nothing that will say "you must get married to get special skills and big stat boosts!" I personally don't like getting married in video games. I find it dumb in my opinion. So I woudn't be partking in this kind of thing. However, if it's something that's going be a game changing item like the slyphs and I must buy or lose out big. Then I will be "forced" into it.


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              FIRST OFF! ARGH! the pain of PINKNESS!!! (Seriously. It's freaking hard to read pink over light yellow. >.>) And I agree with Oxy. it's not a NECCESARY thing to have. ^_^U
              The gods watch over you!
              And they cheer you up!
              Plus. Saliora is with me. WHEEE≈
              (Yep. she's an awesome chatter!)

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