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backward set bonus compatibility

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  • backward set bonus compatibility

    Just as the title states would be nice if the pve/pvp set bonus' were backwards compatible.

    For instance. you have 3 piece of 40 pve and 1 piece of 50 pve that you just recently upgraded too. you keep the 4 piece from 40 pve (2) damage dealt + 200 (4) 10 bonus rage points per action.

    now if you have 2 40pve and 2 50pve, you get (2) damage dealt +300 (4) 10 bonus rage per action.

    all this so that when we get an upgrade( a piece of 50,60,70 pve. 45,55 pvp) we can wear it when we get it without having to wait for all 4 pieces of gear.

    You would never get the latest bonus unless you have the pieces for it, like in the example with 3x 40 pve and 1x 50 pve, you only maintain the 40 pve 2 piece bonus.

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    I agree. it's definately annoying. I'm a pvp reliant. and I got the necklace of Pontiff, I lost my 1500 MDEF damage ignore! ;0; I miss it! I agree it would be awesome if we could keep it.
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      +1 to this....but not gonna happen...unless china gets it lmao
      Sarcasm Intended


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        Making a backwards compatibility for PvE sets or PvP sets would make sense. It wouldn't make sense to add a "mixed compatibility". The PvP set is the easy route.

        Maybe the compatibility could extend only one level back so that, for example, you couldn't mix level 40 with level 60.
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          As much as the idea is a well intentioned one, it destroys a big key in any MMORPG. That key being a total set is better than partial sets. Because the PVP sets are named differently then they SHOULD ALWAYS BE independent sets. If someone chooses to wear a lv 55 item when in place of a lv 45 item when they have the entire level 45 set, that is their decision to go away from the key that i mentioned. No matter what MMORPG you go on, take for example diablo series, there is always benefits for entire sets. Therefore I for one oppose this idea.