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TO GM 2nd arena time keep first time

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  • TO GM 2nd arena time keep first time

    I love the arena time in the Temple of Ibalize since i live in the southern part of the usa central standard time. I'm not sure if this idea has been posted as i don't have time to read all the forums. I do would like to keep the arena time but if you wanted to make a 2nd arena time, which meaning you can only participate in one hour long arena time so if you enter arena or join a room in that time phrame you will be unable to enter arena the 2nd time around. A good time would be 7am server time. I noticed alot of indoensia people play in the PST and they are exactly 12 hours difference in time zone. Maybe you can extend the afternoon server time to 2pm that way you create 7 hour difference that way somebody can at least make or attend areana once a day. If people wanted to enter arean twice a day you can make it to where on the 2nd time they enter in different zone that day they can't receive insigna since they had already received it earlier. That way they can help out thier guildmates who couldn't make it to first one. Just an idea.

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    Yes to 2 arena times! +1 should be in suggestions and feedback though :P


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      okay can the gm please move it i forgot what category to put it in


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        Originally posted by TURBOSTAR View Post
        okay can the gm please move it i forgot what category to put it in
        I already mentioned Suggestions and Feedback... -____-
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          +1 to this. Good job in figuring that out Turbo. Gives a good spread of the different times so people could participate.
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            Yep definitely a nice idea. Now this post just needs to be looked at


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              I hope so too i already replied back on another post telling storm to look at the flexibility of crystal saga in how they use thier times for guild resource battleground. if the use that event as an example everyone will get to participate in 3 vs 3 arena no matter if they live in the North Pole or Australia. Lets just hope they look at this too.


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                We've already stated that we're looking into this and are planning on adding a second Arena time. When we have more information we'll be posting it to the forums.
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                  Yep sorry i saw the post opened by Pronab too late. Thank you for giving us attention even when we mess things up ^^