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The chat window

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  • The chat window

    I have several things I would like to suggest:

    1. It is sometimes difficult to chat to anyone because of all the announcements spammed across all chats. As there is an "All Chat" option, would it be possible to keep the extraneous stuff off the others? If you REALLY have to announce things you want us to buy, could this be limited to a lot less frequently, or preferably put elsewhere altogether (how about instead of wack-a mouse while the game is loading?)

    2. Could there possibly be an option to keep any given chat window "on top", so that you can easily continue to chat if you want while doing other things too.

    3. Some games have a chat window similar to yours, that is, transparent, but it goes to white(or whatever) on black when you mouse over it, making it easier to read. You can pin this black background if you want sometimes too. Could we have this here please?

    4. Making the chat window draggable, so it can be put wherever seems most out of the way, or usable, would be helpful. Possible? If you can do this, how about more than one chat window open at the same time?


    Edena Village

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    I'd like to be able to blacklist Announcement, System, and Info.

    Simply put. We already have a SYSTEM chat tab and an ALL chat tab. Let us not be spammed in party and guild chat?

    Better yet, let us set the options of what we want to see in each tab.


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      More options would be nice. And may I add in for those with the bigger bull horn, whatever its called, the one where your chat turns blue, be more effective? As in make it have a box with glitter or some effect around it to make it worth the balen? Not just sticking it 2 tabs higher than chat?


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        I think it will be more useful and tunable, if filter buttons under chat window will have possibility to work together. For example, if player wish see only party and guild messages, he must have switched on two corresponding buttons and other must be off.


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          +1 to that idea. NICE!