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    I'm sure there are many other's left with empty hand's..And finger pointing in the wrong direction.
    It's not only frustrating, but very sad that r2 games alway's place the blame on paying and non-paying customer's,when in fact it's their screw up. They add new quest's and remove the one's we are working on then shake their finger's and place blame in the wrong direction on the player's. Maybe a little more cooperation should come from their end. We play and pay to line their pocket's. NO MORE FROM ME... I WILL REMOVE MY CREDIT CARD FROM YOUR SITE..AND FOLLOW AS SO MANY OTHER PLAYER'S HAVE DONE. It's a sad thing they think only of themselves and not the actual people that make their job and line their pocket's. So now I point my finger at you R2 game's. Try a little harder at your job's and see if you can get it straight for once!!!!!!!!!
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      Originally posted by Whispir View Post
      The post is about how the mood of the current Events don't reflect the time of the season. Which I agree with, but hey, it's a Chinese game.
      "… Stupid people do stupid things.
      Smart people outsmart each other.
      Then themselves! Then themselves! …"

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