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Clothing Synthetis

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  • Clothing Synthetis

    there is a way to get the twisted baroque female class mage in clothing synthetis i really like this dress it work by fashion core?? i have a hat lvl 2 and i have fashion core the succes rate is good ? it work and there is a way to get the baroque dress and thx for help

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    I don't think it's possible yet, not sure, the event wasn't too long ago, and the clothing you can refine is mostly older clothing.
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      if you are super lucky you can lol


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        You're not suppose to be able to synthesis EVENT Clothing... but I guess somewhere down the road they changed it, because some ppls got those Fashion Statement from lv.4 synthesis.

        Kinda pity those that got the Surreal set from lv.4 synthesis, but was removed later because it gave you a title, LOL.

        No, I don't think anyone receive any sort of compensation for having that cloth set removed.


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          While Synthesizing you have a chance to receive rare clothing, around lvl 3-4 clothing it becomes a real chance u get other clothings.
          As anichaos stated at first it was not possible to gain event clothes this way, but this seems to have changed recently.
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