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A small Lection about how to win more money for R2games

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  • A small Lection about how to win more money for R2games

    1. Fire the one who make your remaketing for google adsense. (remarketing ) you don`t need to engage me anymore via ads if already i have account at you guys. (lost money here)
    2. Fire the guy who is your social media marketing manager (if you have something like this) because you have 700 k likes and you make nothing with it ... compare yourself with the guys from wartune dot com fb communications. Here you serve me ads to join a game that i already joined months ago. (lost money)
    3. You guys have a gazillion mods that really dunno to respond basic stuff to players (post ticket or hand on ticket .. yeah this is helpful sometimes). Hire 1-2-3 hardcore players (pay them with balens if you like or vip) that know what they are talking to build wiki/blog (take a look at 7road blog and many others chinese publishers)
    4. THE MOST important thing you could make ... the guys from wartune dot com fks your cash cow (aka wartune)
    Your coding is weak ... you have only 2 datacenters one in usa and one europe. The coding part is that even you have super mega servers it pulls out infomation from a xml from china servers ...

    Player make a move > move sent to his server (he could be a player from usa in a EU server) > move is interpreted by some xml`s and reads another 1-2-3 xml from china (very bad thing) >> lots of lag ...
    Solution did you guys heard of cloud based localisation? put your files into CDN network (you guys make some milions per month ... i think you could aford this) and the files will be served by the closest server around

    player A is in USA WEST and he plays in EU SERVER ... this doesn`t matter for him coz the server will load for him from the nearest server available. Probably you ask yourself why would u make this? Because of your hacking protection (that 7road implemented very well) you are sending and receiving information from and to the server .. every times a players gets the "black screen loading" >>> that`s why sometimes players remain in the black screen ... because they remain in a loop with the server.

    5. Modify the the whole screen ...(or ask 7road to do so ... or better ask wartune dot com to ask 7road to do so ... ) so you can serve a lower quality or close entirely most of the menus (example Eternal saga/Blade hunter ... awesome games that you guys have them with a awesome license for you and no lag on them)
    One example is the world boss from blade hunter 700 players you can press to hide all >> no lag. why we don`t have this solution for wartune also (cash cow ... milions remember? lower stress on virtual machines ... lower investment more money gained)

    6. For the moment only wartune dot com have the exe loader (dunno what ****** contract you signed with them buuuuut is realy bad for you guys)
    7. Action house ... Wartune dot com said AH is no no ... you complied because "players will be scammed" ... ********/chinese publishers have this and guess what players will be scammed only if them are not served with help files and a good documentantion.

    8. TALK with your ***** payers (yeah payers ... those who make u millions) hey stupid in 3-4 days we will have X event prepare your wallet.
    9. Did you ever think how to get players who quit back? discounts ... solve their problems .. yeah u did a sh.ity event that you only posted on the forum like the quiting customers will read the forum right?

    Ending: You built something nice here ... you just have poor signed contracts for some games and people who don`t know what to do professorially.

    I don`t expect something to be changed ...
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    Originally posted by symedia View Post
    I don`t expect something to be changed ...
    The sad part.
    Otherwise you've mentioned stuff that are extremely obvious... to those who actually think about improvement.
    BlackHawk of the Upper Plains.
    for lowering the inventory space prices.
    More polls to come.


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      An .exe client like you pointed could reduce the lag a ton (or the ability to hide everything that bothers), doing tok NM and seeing the enemy do 2 turns per 1 turn of your team is basically a wash lol, also the AH should be implemented, they would keep doing money with the hot events stuff since ppl would sell the basic stuff
      (crystaloids, legend stones and not much else).


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        I +infinite to this. Time for them to change.

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          wanted to post something similar, but dont forget that R2 are some kids with absolutely no experience in running games (for example, see their creations and modifications done to wartune). From their changes (and the way they put it) its clear how pathetic is their mindset towards this game...
          Any starting game developer could make more money out of wartune than you guys do, lets just hope 7road doesnt realise this and doesnt shut you

          PM me for marketing/game development help, if you can afford


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            you break the rules and then you tell them how to run the game?

            cool... let me know how that works out for you.
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