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Bring back 5 mpd attempt instead of 3 like aug 2012

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    Originally posted by R21577189 View Post
    I remember back then there were 5 mp attempts daily.

    Saw a guy saying bring back 3 mp attempts.

    For example, they can do 1 attempt to help god nm, dt nm, lych nm, samsara nm and void nm daily.

    Even though they are helping others, they are getting rewards too.
    This is the most silly thing I read in this forum.

    I am tired enough to run the same lynch nm daily once.

    Now OP wants to us to run 5 mp dungeon a day. This makes no sense at all.


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      Stupid idea. Before, there was 3 mpd attempts, nm only drop 2 leg stone. Everyone does 3 x the same mp to get 6 leg stones.

      Now we do 1 mp and we get 10 leg stones minimum.

      And why would someone want to do 5 mp? Too free? ****, lame and stupid idea
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        Yeah, I vote a massive 'NO' to this idea already. I work full-time, go to school, have a life, it's hard to get through what I have to now every day just to remain competitive.

        Great change IMHO.


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          They could do it like blade hunter, more runs = costs balen (not even expensive on Blade Hunter).
          But back to how it was with 5 runs? NO WAY, with all the new implementations now and yet to come, people won't have the time for it.
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              i do like 6-10 mps a day for help people out my server is to empty its works fine for like 2-3 days after man just become bored of the game the bigest resone i quited for many months break.

              Before am come back was just of the resone we never got a merg we still has no new merg when am come back so its lesser people.

              Many people dont do mps anymore becouse people stop help echo other noone wanna run more that like 3 mps a day just for help.

              Do 5 x and help 20-30 people me 5x echo man should kill one self.
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                Originally posted by R210260151 View Post
                rofl, it actually sounds good
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                  * Facepalm*


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                    Why would I want to work 5 times as hard for the same reward? People can help as much as they want now after they do their runs.


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                      Originally posted by R210260151 View Post
                      You, sir, have won the thread.


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                        If that GOD nm 3 times will give me many exp, no ******* way.
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                          Multiple Attempts can be a good thing.

                          Especially on the fact that we used to have 3~5 chances on getting the crypt PvE material or set itself, instead of just 1 chance... and the rates of it dropping stayed the same, it's not increased.

                          Plus, I still miss my 6 Crypt Key (max possible) from before, using only 3 skeleton keys.

                          Now... if the Mystery chests drops 2 Crypt Keys, than I wouldn't be complaining, LOL... but it don't.

                          Campaign Chests seems to have lower chance, didn't get a single Crypt Key when I used up to 10 Skeleton Key...

                          And the only Gold Chest you can find is still in Void MPD, and it too is a chance of appearing (to fight Yaros where you find the Gold Chest, Gold Chest have a 25% chance of dropping Crypt Key.)
                          So instead of 3 chances to find Gold Chests, you only get 1 chance.
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                            I support multiple attempts. The reasons stated against them are valid too. That could easily be dealt with rapidly decreasing gains, but they wouldn't be complete waste either.


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                              what if they give you extra attempt for mpd, but you will have to buy it with balens?? Changes in this game always favor the owner, not the player. You want fast leveling? they will only answer it with " Pay for It!! ".