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A Chinese New Years Event

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  • A Chinese New Years Event

    Ok, basically I understand the idea that Wartune originally started out as a Chinese game, so in honor of that, I suggest that this year instead of a valentine's day event, we do a chinese new years event instead of a valentines day one, especially considering 2014 is year of the horse (or year of the mount as I call it) So basically I've come up with a couple of ideas for clothing with an inserted picture to provide insight into the concept.

    Male cloth: (See top & bottom Center and right) Basically chinese armor, color and style can vary but probably should include a cape at the least.

    Female cloth & Hat: (See Top left) Can vary but designed to be more flowing and covering than the usual skimpy variety of clothes, hat can be a variety of hairstyles but chinese twin bun look might work best, maybe some flowers too.

    Male hat: Two Ideas for this one, the first is a variation of the warriors default hair with a circlet and two feathers sticking from the top looking similar to the monkey king from chinese mythology. The other idea is basically a helmet with a neck guard and a feather sticking out of the top.

    Warrior weapon skin: (see bottom left) Essentially designed to look like the chinese jian, should be slimmer and more tapered than the average sword to compensate.

    Archer weapon skin: (See Bottom Center) Due to an excess of normal crossbow like ideas I figured something like this would work nice. Its called the nest of bees and used to fire multiple gunpowder propelled arrows (not unlike they usually do with lunatic fire). It would be held by the sprite similar to how the water gun skin is held.

    Mage weapon skin: (See bottom right) Two ideas for this one, either a guandao as in the image which is a glaive of sorts or a golden staff similar to the compliant rod wielded by the monkey king in chinese mythology.

    Mount: A horse variant, something that looks eastern maybe something like the longma which is a mythical chinese dragon-pegasus fusion

    Click image for larger version

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    Well I hope you guys like the idea.
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    i dont like i really prefer russian event or better one event with traditional clothing about many countrys
    Last edited by GirlFireRapper; 01-06-2014, 11:14 PM.